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Cellphones: The 20 Models That Emit The Most Radiation

By Alain – on in News, Mind

Every day, you spend a good part of your time on, or with, your cell phone. However, these small devices can be more dangerous than we think for our health. As demonstrated by tests conducted by Israeli scientists, cell phones emit dangerous radiation that quickly becomes harmful to our brains and can promote the development of cancer. No need to have a degree to understand that this is not good news for you! We invite you to discover the list of the 20 cellphones emitting the most radiation, hoping that yours is not there, otherwise, you’d better increase your health insurance!

20 Apple iPhone X A1865

Rob Eradus | Pexels

To calculate the level of radiation emitted by a cell phone, we used the SAR (Specific Absoption Rate) index, which represents the power of an energy flow carried by the radio frequency waves absorbed by a person using a radio device at its full power. SAR is measured in watts per kilogram (W/Kg), in other words the amount of watts absorbed per kilogram of human tissue. In the United States, a law prohibits the SAR index of a smartphone from exceeding 1.6 W/Kg.

Fortunately, companies like Apple are trying to be careful when it comes to radiations. While their oldest mobile phones had a higher SAR that has constantly fluctuated over the years depending on the models, it seems that with its iPhone X A1865, Apple offers its least radioactive phone since the iPhone 3GS, with a SAR of only 1.09! It’s still too much, but it’s better than many other smartphones. From this point of view, buying this cellphone is still better than choosing the next ones on the list!

19 Huawei Pal


The Huawei Pal, from Metro-PCS, was created a little over 5 years ago, but since some people keep their mobile phones longer, it is quite possible that they still exist on the market.

When you consider that with such a SAR index of 1.33, it is one of the cells that emits the least radiation when used at full capacity, it is still worrying!

18 Sprint Force


A few years ago, Sprint Company released the Sprint Force, a high quality phone for calls, but with a poor camera. It was a good cell phone for the price, but nothing more.

However, when we realize today that with its SAR of 1.37, it is on the list of the mobile phones emitting the most radiation, we can conclude that it was not, in the end, such a good device!

17 Sprint Vital

Digital Trends

However, despite the Sprint Force’s poor score, the company managed to do worse with its Sprint Vital cell phone. It seems that the too short battery life and poor call quality were not the only flaws!

Indeed, it was a SAR of 1.38 that equipped this smartphone with Sprint. Still far from being as harmful as the first device on this list, its result is still not very good.

16 Kyocera Hydro Elite

Android Central

Founded in 2000, Verizon is a very important telecommunications company in the United States. In 2013, they put their Kyocera Hydro Elite cell phone on sale, a device running on Android.

Despite qualities that may have appealed to many at the time, its SAR index was 1.39, which makes it much less interesting now. If, by chance, you still have one, we advise you to dispose of it!

15 Sonim XP Strike


Admittedly, the Sonim XP Strike from Sprint was really not such a good cell phone. Manufactured at the end of 2012, it had a respectable autonomy, but no more.

Unfortunately for the company, it’s not the only downside to this phone. Indeed, for the third time, Sprint is in the top 20 of the most radiating cell phones with its Sonim XP Strike, which has a SAR of 1.39, tie with Verizon’s Kyocera Hydro Elite.

14 Nokia Lumia 928

All About Windows Phone

Another smartphone dating from 2013, the Nokia Lumia 928 created by Verizon, is also on the list of the worst cell phones in terms of radiation emitted.

Certainly, this smartphone had a very respectable range from 11h40 to 16h20 of conversation, but given its SAR index of 1.4, we hope you didn’t spend too much time talking to your loved ones!

13 ZTE Warp 4G


Released in September 2013, the ZTE Warp 4G, powered by the Boost company, was an acceptable mobile phone with a good price-quality ratio. However, we now know that for health, it existed better.

Indeed, while in the history of mobile phones, there are worse ones, the ZTE Warp 4G was really not the ideal in terms of radiation emissions. Its SAR rating of 1.41 proves it.

12 Blackberry Z10


Much awaited when it was announced a few years ago, the Blackberry Z10 had everything to please thanks to its great technical performance, its almost perfect display, and the high quality of its photos and videos.

Of course, people loved this cell phone very much, but its poor autonomy was not its only flaw, quite the contrary. Ranked 10th in our list of the most radiation-emitting phones, it has a SAR index of 1.42.

11 Kyocera Hydro XTRM


A cell phone offered by Metro PCS in June 2013, the Kyocera Hydro XTRM may have been waterproof, but it was not the company’s most popular phone, mainly because of the poor audio quality of calls and photos.

In the end, however, when you realize that its SAR index sMais at 1.44, you can say that it is a good thing that this cell phone has not been so successful!

10 Kyocera Kona


The Kyocera Kona, created not by Metro PCS, but by Sprint, joins its companions Sonim XP Strike, Sprint Vital and Sprint Force in the top 20 of the worst phones in terms of radiation emissions. The most surprising thing? It’s a flip phone, not even a smartphone!

Indeed, with a SAR of 1.45, it is one of the company’s worst cell phones for health, but don’t get excited too fast! Sprint has not yet said its last word about the radiation level of its phones!

9 Samsung Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is obviously not the newest in the range, but several are still in circulation. However, if you still have one, you may want to change it after reading this.

Of course, the Galaxy S5 is not the phone produced by Samsung that emits the most radiation, but it is far from being the best. While the S3 had a SAR of 0.87, in only 2 years or so, the company increased the radiation from its phones to reach, with its S5, a SAR of 1.47!

8 Kyocera Hydro Edge

Android Authority

And here we are again with a device from the company Sprint! Kyocera Hydro Edge is the 6th most radiating mobile phone in the world. This phone, also from 2013, is further proof that that year was very questionable!

Waterproof, the Kyocera Hydro Edge has a SAR index of 1.48, dangerously close to the first place of the phones emitting the most radiation. For your health, it would be better to throw it in the water and leave it there!

7 Huawei Vitria


Inexpensive and of fairly good quality, the Huawei Vitria powered by Metro PCS was not the cream of the crop, especially with its camera that left something to be desired, but for the price, it did the job.

However, once again, we realize afterwards that in the end, it was not so great, especially for the health of its users. Indeed, its SAR of 1.49 makes it one of the worst phones in terms of radiation emitted!

6 Alcatel One Touch Evolve


Manufactured in October 2013 (decidedly…) by T-Mobile, the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve received a somewhat mixed reception. Some liked it, others didn’t. Of course, in life, you can’t please everyone!

Nevertheless, given its really very high SAR index of 1.49, it must be said that all those who stayed away did well! This result places it in 4th position among the cell phones emitting the most radiation.

5 Razer Phone 2


To complete the trio of devices with a SAR index of 1.49, we have Phone 2 from Razer. Always available for purchase in store, perhaps it will be less tempting now that we have this information.

It’s a shame, when you think about it, because since it’s specially designed to allow you to play video games in an optimal way, gamers like it. I guess you have to choose between entertainment and health!

4 Motorola Droid Ultra

Wikimedia Commons

And we’re starting the top 3 phones that emit the most radiation with Verizon’s Motorola Droid Ultra! Like Sprint, Verizon doesn’t look very good in this list!

With a SAR index of no less than 1.54, which is frankly huge (remember that in the United States, a law prohibits the SAR index of a smartphone from exceeding 1.6 W/Kg), this cell phone should be banned from all homes!

3 Motorola Droid Maxx

In second place among the worst cell phones in terms of radiation emanation, Verizon is once again in second place, this time with its Motorola Droid Maxx.

In fact, with a SAR index of 1.54, he can also be said to be tied with his little brother, the Motorola Droid Ultra. A not very good ranking for Verizon, it must be said!

2 OnePlus 6T

Wikimedia Commons

The OnePlus 6T is a very popular phone that is selling very well these days. With a large screen and excellent image quality, it has everything you need. And that’s not to mention the quality of the sound and photos!

However, as you can see, it is the second most radiant smartphone in our list. With a SAR of 1.55, its qualities suddenly become less interesting, don’t you think?

1 Samsung Galaxy S8


Yes, despite all our knowledge of the dangers of radiation from mobile phones, it would seem that companies are not paying full attention to it even today. We noticed it with the OnePlus 6T just before, but here is another very good example.

Indeed, in the first place of our list, ex aequo with the previous device, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is only a few years old and still owned by many people, is one of the worst phones at this level, with a terrible SAR of 1.55! Let’s just say that you shouldn’t spend your money on that phone!

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