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Seniors, here are the perfect dog breeds for a retirement home or a condo!

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There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, which means there is probably one for everyone, even the elderly. Having a dog at home can lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress and improve your happiness. It's therefore in your best interest to have a pet, especially a dog. Here are 15 breeds of dogs made for seniors. Whether you are in a retirement home in an apartment, there is a dog for you.

Dogs, just like humans, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, needs and personalities, which means there is one dog for everyone, including older folks. The benefits of having a canine friend include lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress and improving your overall happiness, and this is true for everyone, not just the elderly!

1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mario Simoes | Flickr

First of all, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels don’t need a lot of physical activity. Second, they are so easy to groom you’ll need to brush them only once per week. Finally, they don’t bark much! Do you need more convincing?

Your Cavalier Spaniel can have some fun on its own in the yard on in the park, but it will gladly come back to you and sit on your lap.

2 Pekingese

MK817 | Pixabay

Here’s to another small dog that will be perfect for you, your living space and your neighbours. Pekingese are known to be independent, calm and not very active.

This is a dog that doesn’t need to spend a lot of energy or to walk for hours. They can be with you in front of the TV and they will be happy!

3 Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are larges dogs will be happier if you still have a big house. On the other hand, if you love their look but want something more manageable, you could opt for an Italian Greyhound.

Connoisseurs sometimes call these cute little skinny dogs Iggy. They’re super friendly, funny looking, and need about one hour of physical activity per day. They are a great choice if you are looking for a friend for life, as their life spend can extend up to 15 years which is on the longer side in terms of dogs.

4 Goldendoodle

woman carrying tan poodle puppy

Being the result of two popular and super affectionates breeds (the Golden Retriever and the Poodle), Goldendoodle can only please you. This type of dog needs daily exercise, which is great if you want motivation to get up and go for walks every day.

Goldendoodles are playful, friendly, intelligent and loyal, hence making them your perfect companion. It’s also not that big, which means no problem when it comes to living in a retirement community, home or apartment.

5 Pomeranian

Big Stock

I mean, look at that fluffy dream! Aren’t Pomeranians so cute? In addition to their external cuteness, they’re also very affectionate, loyal and loving. They do well in small spaces since they’re quite small.

Surprisingly, they don’t need a lot of grooming even though they’re so fluffy. They do need regular brushing, but so do other breeds. This is a smart dog that will follow your orders if you train them properly.

6 Mixed breeds

The perfect companion doesn’t have to be a pure breed either. You might find a suitable dog at your local shelter too!

Local shelters usually assess dogs’ personalities, needs and other qualities when they are brought in. Handlers will for sure seek to match each dog with the right human. This also means you won’t need to train a puppy, which is a big plus.

7 Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier lying on grass covered ground
Photo by Shannon Richards on Unsplash

Yorkshire Terriers are small, nice dogs that have a long life span (up to 20 years). Sure, they do need to be brushed every day, but aside from that, they’re very easy going and will keep you company for a long time.

They don’t need a lot of exercise and will see no problem staying on your knees for a long time. Really, we’re talking about a low maintenance dog here.

8 Beagle

@Marcus Wallis | Unsplash

Beagles have this bad reputation for being noisy, but they are still really great dogs. They like to play and walk (perfect to keep you moving!), and they don’t have a lot of grooming needs.

In addition, they’re great with kids, which means you don’t need to worry about having your dog around your grandchildren. The only “negative” thing about the Beagle is that you absolutely need to train them very well, otherwise, yes, they will be noisy.

9 Poodle

Poodle dog
Photo by Bruce Williamson on Unsplash

Poodles are great for anyone, really. Not just seniors! They are a dog breeds really lovely with kids and people in general.

Fun fact, it’s a hypoallergenic dog, which means no allergies for anyone, yay! Its coat isn’t that high maintenance either, which is nice. Poodles adapt well to any space or environment.

10 Pug


Let’s be honest, we’re so lucky Pugs grace this Earth.  This is a pet that will gladly be on the couch with you. If you can’t be active, this could be your answer in terms of dogs.

That breed is quick to adapt and pugs don’t need a lot of grooming. Truly, aren’t they the ideal pet? Everyone just loves pugs!

11 Welsh Corgi Pembroke

welsh corgi in the park
Photo by Xiang Gao on Unsplash

This type of Corgi is perfect for pretty much everyone. Their small size allows them to be comfortable in a small environment like a small condo!

You’re not without knowing this is Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite dog, are you? Anyway. Despite is small size, this is an active dog you’ll need to walk outside on a frequent basis.

12 Lhasa Apso

Not big, this dog breed doesn’t need a lot of space to be happy! Obviously, though, you need to like grooming your dog if you want to opt for Lhasa Apso.

We’re talking about loyal, affectionate, independent yet always-looking-to-please dog, which is a perfect combination.

13 Shih Tzu

shih tzu
Photo by Edson Torres on Unsplash

The Shih Tzu is a loyal, friendly dog that is also pretty easy-going. They don’t have an excess of energy, so snuggle on the couch with your pup and enjoy life!

Fun fact, these dogs are actually great guard dogs, despite their small size. One thing is certain, this dog will adopt you and your lifestyle quite easily, whether you live in an apartment or in a house.

14 Bolognese Bichon

bolognese bichon
Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

Here’s another dog perfect for seniors: the Bolognese Bichon. You won’t need to groom this dog all the time, and it doesn’t shed much (which means no extra cleaning, yay!). Moreover, it’s a smart dog that isn’t very stubborn, hence easy to train.

Bolognese Bichons are quiet and calm by nature. They aren’t prone to barking either, so your neighbours won’t complain!

15 French Bulldog

french bulldog
Photo by Moises Alex on Unsplash

French bulldogs are very cute too. Loyal, this dog breed doesn’t need to move a lot. They will be happy on your couch with you!

On the other hand, this is a breed that is prone to health problems. You might want to subscribe to animal insurances to make sure you can take care of them properly without having to spend too much at the vet.

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